The Huge Wait is Over for Fortnite Mobile:

A game that swept away everybody’s feet and took the whole world by storm

Finally, the launch of Fortnite Mobile created a sort of humdrum among its users. With all versions of IOS and PC available, fortnite can be played and enjoyed on Smartphone screens that have the latest version of Android running on it. Its cartoonish feature along with its high-quality design makes it the best game to be accessed and played on mobiles. It’s a huge step taken by Epic games in expanding the whole online games arena worldwide. The game gives a tough competition to other online games that pose a threat to this new adventure. However, here is a detailed guideline to download the fortnite mobile experience.

fortnite mobile
  • Fortnite runs on all latest mobile phones like xiaomi, vivo, galaxy models and others
  • Download the fortnite play app from Epic Game’s official website and run a trial of it.
  • It’s necessary to check the settings of all apps before downloading the game
  • After a quick installation of the game, the users have to open their inboxes for an activation link
  • Once the link is activated through browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla, the game is ready to start.

The difference:

For Samsung Galaxy users, Fortnite is available from their galaxy app store that gives a direct access to the game without any activation link. For non-galaxy users, the game can only be downloaded from the Epic games webpage. This means that fortnite mobile users cannot share the game through galaxy play stores or cannot purchase it through Samsung services. However, even for Samsung mobile users, the game can only be played if the latest version of Samsung in-app purchase is installed- especially the version


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